Kunst & Cultuur in de Late Middeleeuwen

Medieval art and culture


Wim, Marius en Hetty

The ‘Kennemer Kunstgilde’ (Fine arts guild) is a small Dutch group for the practice of Living History from Kennemerland, Holland that depict the various forms of visual art and culture in the late Middle Ages. In their traveling workshop they display their art while also actively working.

The most important disciplines are painting and architecture, although there is also attention for miniatures and calligraphy. The workplace is full of materials such as paint pigments, paper, parchment, pens and statues. But there are also plenty of paintings, drawings, designs, studies, measuring tools and even a Camera Obscura.

In terms of period, they focus on the rise of the Dutch cities and the Burgundian society in the first half of the 15th century. The rich bourgeoisie as a new class is an important client for both the painter and the architect.

The KennemerKunstgilde works for historical events, museums and schools. We provide demonstrations, do research and make reconstructions, always with an art-historical-educational purpose.